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The West Wing: Josh x Donna mild smutfic, filling an anonymous request for “wicked” + “tremble” within a scenario where Donna has the upper hand over Josh. Possibly NSFW, behind a cut just in case. PS: these characters aren’t mine, please don’t sue me.

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A Harmless Drink and a Hopeless Romantic

“It’s harmless,” Alex had told his roommates after the party. They’d scoffed at him, which he found especially rich since Beck was clearly falling fast for Corrie and Spencer was already sleeping with Gus.

He wasn’t even dating Rachel. It was just a drink.

Then two.

She liked sipping the glittering kind slowly, twirling the small umbrella between her fingers; a tropical aroma wafted in his direction whenever she laughed.

Rachel laughed a lot.

She was delicate, fine-boned like he’d always imagined faeries to be. Then again, he was a Lit major and the most hopeless of romantics–even he knew he had a history of building fantasies out of human girls.

In myth, Alex mused after drink number three, faeries had sharp claws and used their magick for ill as well as good. So it was a flawed metaphor anyhow.

She blushed when he looked at her for too long. He couldn’t imagine her hurting another living being.

“Did you want…” He gestured at her glass, then the bar, and Rachel shook her head.

“No, thanks. Three is my limit. I should really head home, anyway…my parents are kind of, well, crazy-protective.”

“Nobody’s told them you’re an adult yet?”

“Apparently not. Only-child problems, it turns out, last beyond childhood.” She beamed at him. “Walk me home?”

“Of-of course.” He paid, barely registering the cash he dropped on the table as he followed her out. In a tank top and jeans, she was dressed modestly, especially compared to the night when they met on the dance floor–but her shirt rode up as they left, exposing glowing olive skin.

It was ridiculous the way he had to swallow hard and get himself under control. Three drinks wasn’t anywhere near his limit, so he couldn’t blame it on the alcohol.

It was Rachel. She was intoxicating. He wanted to put his hand just there, at the small of her back, and see if she was as soft as she looked.

Instead, he held back. They didn’t even kiss on the walk home. Rachel took his hand as though it were the most natural thing in the world, strolling down the sidewalk together. There was an innocence about her that affected him more than the scotch.

He went home drunk on her, and fully aware that he would never live it down. Their harmless drink had been anything but.

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Where You Lead

“Mel, where’s Liam?”

Rina’s voice was ice on a windshield; too thin, distorted.


Her best friend might have been doing her best impression of her usual stoicism, but it wasn’t working.

She grabbed the novel out of Mel’s hands and threw it aside, which in the book-loving land of Rina was only a few steps below murder. “I said, where is Liam?”

This time, each of her words had its own emphasis, and her control was starting to slip. Mel could feel a breeze stirring, and reminded herself that she had a year of extra training. It wasn’t Rina’s fault she slipped up more easily–well, not entirely her fault.

“Rina, calm down. You’re losing it.”

“Of course I’m losing it. He just…he’s just vanished!” Rina switched to pacing, and the air calmed. “First Will, and now Liam. It’s like…”

She sank onto Mel’s bed, most of the fight going out of her, revealing the heart of her worry. “It’s like I’m destined to lose anybody who loves me.”

Mel could have reminded her that she chose Liam over Will, a willing sacrifice. She could’ve pointed out that unlike Mel, Rina had a large, loving family that truly supported her.

But both options would be cruel when she was the only one with the information Rina needed. An omission was the same as a lie.

And besides, it was close enough now to when he’d told her to deliver the news.

“Liam’s not missing like Will was,” Mel admitted. “He went back. He chose to go.”

Rina paled. “He wouldn’t. I know we had a fight, but he would never just…go back. He’s got a whole life here now.”

Mel huffed out a breath. “Yes, and he’s also Liam! He got it into that thick head of his that the reason Will can’t cross back is because he came here in the first place. Like a balancing of the worlds.”

“So he thinks that if he just goes back to his world and restores the balance, Will will be able to go back to ours?”

“A-plus,” Mel graded her efforts, flopping backwards on the bed.


She opened one eyelid to peek at a blurry Rina. “Well what?”

“What are we going to do about this?”

“What do you think we should do? Your boyfriend is more stubborn than you are, and if it came down to an attempted kidnapping I don’t think we could take him. Plus, I mean, his theory is as good as any. Will is stuck here. He’s innocent in all this.”

“So is Liam!”

“You know that’s not true.”

“It’s not his destiny,” Rina amended. “Not like it is ours. He shouldn’t be punished for anything we’ve done with the mirrors.”

Frowning, she tried a different angle. “Did he ask us not to help?”

“No,” Mel admitted. “Probably because he knows he doesn’t get a say in what we do as Guardians. He’s stubborn, not stupid.”

“Okay, so we help.”

Sighing, Mel sat up and brushed her hair back, watching Rina regard her anxiously.

“Yes, we help. Of course we help.”

Mel had a family too; it just wasn’t the one she’d been born into. There was never any question that they would save Liam from his hero complex.

Her brother could be such an idiot sometimes.

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Take Me to Church

Note: Title taken from the Hozier song of the same name, which I never realized suited one of my couples so perfectly–until right now.

I have sinned.

Thou shalt not steal.

You don’t have to be familiar with the church to know that sin is the burden of man. Parables about stones, and weakness, and the like.

What matters is what comes after. We seek forgiveness. We try to sin no more.

We fail, but we keep trying.

Thou shalt not bear false witness.

I don’t know if it was ever really my calling, or just an escape, to recover from tragedy. I was so young…almost as young as you.

Honor thy father and thy mother.

Was I happy? Only you would think to ask me that, days after you’d come for revenge. I never asked myself that.

I didn’t have an answer.

Thou shalt not kill.

The fate that brought us together was cruel, but made a twisted kind of sense. His blood on my hands, your face from my past.  Reincarnation through space instead of time.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

I chose you, of course, in the end. How could I do anything else?

Of all the sins I’ve committed, the least of them was love.

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WriteMania Kickoff

My self-imposed journey of writing and madness is going to commence on June 8, one month before my family may be moving out-of-state. During that month, we need to save up as much money as we can, so each of my new stories will have a donation link at the bottom, in case you enjoy my work and want to show your support.

I will also be writing fanfiction on tumblr (not for commission; again for donations if anyone so chooses), and working on erotica under a pen name…basically any way of bringing in extra funds is my June goal, until we know what July will bring for us.

And I have exciting news: because June 8th is a Thursday, that weekend will be a special event!

Wildcard Weekend will run from Thursday evening to Sunday morning, and during those three days I will be using as many of IWoaR’s past prompts as I can. (By my math, there are 21 I never filled.)

Since I’m not imposing minimum lengths on what I write, I may check every prompt off the list, or I may not even get close–but I’m guaranteed to have fun trying, and to write more than I would without the challenge.

So mark your calendars for June 8, the day In Want of a Reader comes back to life. I’m glad you’re here. :)

Updated Posting Guidelines

The Weekly Schedule

Sunday – Prompts and Round Ups

  • Up to five fiction prompts will be posted each week. These may come from a prompt generator online, submissions from readers, or my brain. Stories can be posted in response until the following Saturday @ 11:59 p.m.
  • Before the new week’s prompts go up, I will also post a round up of new fiction from the previous week (Sunday-Saturday).

Monday through Friday – Short Fiction

  • Short original and fanfiction stories between 500 and 20,000 words will be posted on these days. Series are acceptable as long as each individual story fits the length requirements. NSFW material will be tagged as such and posted behind a “read more” cut.

Saturday – Drabble Fiction

  • Saturday is great for a breather and a chance to focus on the finer details, so it’s reserved for drabbles or ficlets – fiction that is less than 500 words in length.


Can A Blog Hibernate?

If so, that has been the state of IWoaR for the last two years: not closed down or even on official hiatus, but dormant. Waiting. In hibernation, until the fateful recent day when I came across it and remembered how valuable to my writing experience it used to be.

Therefore, with the official permission of creator and admin L.k. Cerna, I am reopening this short story community. A new rules post is coming up next.

I’m also going back through the archive and tagging my stories with the world they’re set in, when appropriate. That way it’ll be easy for anyone who’s interested to catch up on MirrorWorld. (Fair warning: it has evolved a lot over the years. Continuity not guaranteed.)

For now, I will be focusing my short story writing on the MirrorWorld universe to help my noveling efforts…but not completely, because tossing in random fanfic and new original worlds on occasion is just more fun.

Many thank yous to anyone who’s stopping by to check out our work. Please feel free to say hi! :)